CapnoTrainer GO Basic Option Multi User and Computer Bluetooth


GO Basic includes GO Basic software and is HIPAA compliant database. in the cloud to view data and download PDF reports. It includes many software features such as real-time viewing and historical viewing, client management, snapshot, session notes, audio recording, respiratory behavior testing and challenge applications, and remote monitoring (where physiology is displayed in a small dialog box while you work on the computer). It contains automated (built-in) exercises for trainers and their clients based on the book CapnoLearning: An Introductory Guide. Any number of customer data can be stored in your HIPAA-compliant cloud account.


CapnoTrainer GO Basic is designed exclusively for practitioners, trainers and consultants who teach breathing, relaxation, stress management, yoga, meditation and other self-guided interventions, who are interested in combining knowledge of breathing and its chemistry with what they already do. Make monitoring and optimizing your breathing an important part of your performance! Has your client learned breathing habits that compromise breathing and related acid-base physiology? If so, learn how to help your clients identify, change, and learn new habits. Learn how with the digital version of the book CapnoLearning: An Introductory Guide (Breathing Patterns, Optimal Breathing, and Acid-Base Physiology) that comes with the instrument.

GO Basic is not intended for professionals who own more than one instrument or use it with other professionals or intend to monitor field physiology with a client.

GO Basic is a battery, Bluetooth, portable, light
(185 grams), small (fits in your pocket) and almost silent (small ticking sound). It works on computers and Apple computers, tablets, I-pad, Android and i-phones. The GO Basic software connects to most third-party HRV Bluetooth devices
(such as the Polar Belt) to allow users to monitor and record HRV physiology along with
respiratory physiology.



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